Ms.Takako Seitoh from Tokyo Nurse (37 years old)

My doctor advised me to have a hysteresotomy. I refused since I still want to be able to bear children. Instead,I started taking Chaga, which was introduced by my friend. With the doctor's permission I took 9 packs daily for the first two(2)weeks, then reduced it to 6 packs daily for another one(1)month. My test result showed remarkable improvement. So, I lowered my intake to 3 packs. I was cured in 3 months, and blessed with a healthy baby boy a year later. It's like a dream come true.

Ms.Keiko Yamamoto from Kanagawa Nurse (36 years old)

In last December I had a total digestive system. Drugs left me extremely weak and fatigued. While in this condition I was introduced to Chaga. I started taking one pack in the morning, another in the afternoon and the 3rd pack in evening along with the prescribed medication. Within 10 days my skin pigment improved. In 3 weeks my pale and drooping complexion disappeared. After 4 weeks my white-cell count was back to normal.

Mr.Kitani from Toyama (37 years old)

After an initial biopsy Iwas told to return within 6 days for another biopsy. Having two young children, I could not be ill. My doctor friend storongly recommented to take Chaga, 6 packs a day until the day of my re-examination. The results were negative. I didn't require any surgery to the delight of my wife and mother.

Ms.K from Fukushinma (50 years old)

One month after my liver surgery I tried AHCC, Isoflavones and various other minerals. There was no improvement,and my condition worsened. I started drinking Chaga. Although the first 2 packs gave me severe diarrhea, it soon stopped. So I continued to 6 packs per day thereafter. Improvement in my physical condition enabled me to have second surgery, which I had been postponing. Chaga helped ease the side effects of my medication.

Mr.H from Tokyo (72 years old)

I was recommented to have prostate surgery, but instead decided to take hormone therapy along with Chaga. As my condition improved my tumor marker numbers decreased. 0.7 in two and a half months, and within eight months no longer detectable.

Mr.S.from Yamanashi (65 years old)

Due to numerous occasions to drink alcohol as well as an irregular life schedule I developed a weak liver. To offset my year-end drinking I began to drink 3 packs of Chaga a day. After one month, at my check-up, I found out that my liver numbers went down. My doctor was puzzled. My wife is saying that thanks to Chaga I am maintaining a normal liver.

Mr. T’s father from Chiba (87 years old)

My father was told he had 2-3 months to live. I took him to a renowned physician for a second opinion and he recommended taking 3 packs of Chaga a day along with prescribed medication. My father did not have any side effects and his symptoms improved, and while I had been worried if my father would make it through the summer, at the end of the year the doctor was greatly surprised when he saw that my my father had recovered back to his condition before the operation. My father is still alive even after 2 years when he was first told he had a few months to live.

Dr. S. from Yamanashi (72 years old)

I am an independent medical practitioner. When I had a bloody bowl discharge, I immediately suspected that I might have cancer. I began drinking Chaga, 6 packs a day, prior to my surgery. Recovery went very well after the surgery. My physical condition improved enough to return to work. I am continuing to take Chaga to boost my immunity and reduce any recurrence.

Ms. O from Fukushima (65 years old)

My doctor gave me a death sentence. I refused to undertake any chemotherapy. Instead I embraced the Gelson diet consisting of chemical-free vegetables, carrot juice and brown rice. With the combination of Chaga my physical condition improved within two months. Although I am still thin I am strong enough to travel to Tokyo for shopping.

Mr. T from Tokyo (16 years old)

I could not go to school due to persistent swollen lymph nodes and a low-grade fever.After several hospital visits and a number of various drugs I became depressed because nothing helped.Following a DO’s (Doctor of Osteopathic) prescription I drank 3 packs of Chaga every 6 hours.The following day my fever had vanished, and I was able to go return to school. It’s better to be drug-free.

Mr. Asai from Saitama (65 years old)

After my surgery I didn’t have an appetite, and easily tired. I grew thinner and had a difficult time sleeping. After drinking Chaga I slept well and woke up rejuvenated with a good appetite. Since drinking Chaga I have not had a hangover. It’s good news for drinkers. Two (2) packs of Chaga keep me going all day.
Ms. Miyajima’s mother from Kawasaki (68 years old)

My mother was given one month to live. She was discharged from the hospital without removal of two (2) tubes from her stomach. Immediately upon arrival home I gave her a massive dose of Chaga, which resulted in having diarrhea. After adjusting the dosage her diarrhea stopped and her appetite improved. Her physical condition improved as she got a greater rest. In a month and a half her tubes were removed enabling her to take a bath. What an unbelievable recovery!

Mr. F. from Tokyo (62 years old)

II was told that I had a shadow on my lung during my physical check-up. When I relayed my concern to the president of the company I deal with. He sent Chaga. I was instructed to take 3 packs a day until my next exam. The doctor was surprised to find that the shadow had disappeared.

Mr. K. from Gifu (72 years old)written by his son

My father had a life expectancy of one (1) year. His condition was very severe with difficulty swallowing food and painful constipation. His relative who is a surgeon recommended Chaga 3 packs a day. His condition improved. To our surprise he began working in the fields. It has been 6 years now since his death sentence. He continues to cheerfully work on the farm. He is the only survivor among patients in the same ward.