"Your health is determined by YOU through the help of mother natures"
Based on this idea:
We at PureOne International help you achieve your true health.

As modernization progresses, nutrients in foods are drasticlly decreased by our continual destruction of the envitronment. Seeking convenience, food additives are increasingly replacing natural nutrients. Thus, the lowering of our immunity is the cause of life-style related diseases. We live in an era that new medical technology and various new drugs can save lives. But at the same time we are experiencing many problems related to side effects and over usage.

It's very important to review your daily food content and life style to boost your immune system and remain healthy. A healthy immune system will keep your body disease-free.

Results may vary per individual,but most importantly you must have confidence in the products that you are taking. We are proud to deliver only safe products through a very tightly controlled process. Our health counselors will answer any questions for first-time users as well as for those who are not familiar with our products. Testimonials are also provided to help youfor your reference. Please contact us without any hesitation.

Toll free number: 0120-538-400 (week days : 11:00~17:00)
Company Name PureOne International
Established February 27,1981
Capital \10,000,000
President Yayoi Asai
Business Manufacture and sales of health food products
Address 3-5-3 Higashi Niiza Saitama 352-0002 Japan
Tel/Fax Tel:81-48-423-3633 Fax:81-48-473-7809
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