In reference to Chinese medicine the renal system dose not only emphasize kidney functions,but aiso includes the biological functions of the bone mallow and the brain. Thus the renal system is the "Foundation of Life" contrary to Western medicine.

When its function is decline, the entire body is affected. Macrophage, T-cells, NK-cells and B-cells are all part of the body's immune response. With Chaga this response will be greatly enhanced to attack and kill foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses and tumor cells.

Chaga excels in normalizing the renal system, "The Foundation of Life Force". Chaga is positioned high in Chinese herbal medicines due to the following reasons:

   1.  There is NO toxicity (NO side effects).
   2.  Chaga's effects are not limited to any specific organ.
   3.  Chaga has a normalizing effect on the biological functions of organs.

Chaga is the key that opens the lock to immunity for all kinds of diseases of man.