This is a versatile Chaga black noodles, which can prepared in a "Japanese" or "Chinese" style.

One serving (120g) contains 2.5g Chaga powder..

In our "food education" we teach that white rice, white sugar, processed salt and flour lose the original nutritional value in the process.

Chaga is a parasitic mushroom that grows on birch trees. The sap from the birch trees is rich in minerals absorbed from the mother earth. Chaga's blackish-brown color is the result of highly concentrated amount of melanin and other essential minerals. It replenishes supplementary nutrients lost in refined white foods.

1 set:120g noodles(1 serving)x6
Sauce dip:(3 bags for Chinese style+3 bags for Japanese style)
Standard retail price:¥2,000 (tax excluded)
*Shipping is extra.

You can obtain not only food rich in fiber, but also improve your immunity. The more noodles you eat, the greater the improvement in your health. Does it have a slightly bitter adult taste? This is Chaga. Enjoy it !