Power-up with the combination of Vegetative Wasp and A.Camphorata mushrooms ! This product comes in a capsule form due to the bitterness of A.Camphorata.

Efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is proven in its historical use for thousands of years. This is recommended for those concerned with kidney and liver functions.

Take 2~3 capsules, 3 times a day, preferably on an empty stomach.

60 capsules
\8,000(tax excluded)

The vegetative wasp is known in English as caterpillar fungus, and has long been used in the treatment of lung and kidney disease. It has also been reported in recent years for the efficiency in the treatment of cancer. As well as Reishi mushroom, vegetative wasp is grown in very limited locations in the highlands of China and Tibet. Parasitized larvae in the winter soil, grows to mature worms in the summer, to approximately 5cm. Bizarre shapes resembling incect-like worms result from the completion of parasitic take over. It is highly effective for the respiratory system, kidney function, will power, mental strength, reproductive and the immune system. It is also effective as a tonic revitalizer, and anticancer stimulator.

The Shohshi (Antorodia Camphorata) mushroom is well known is Taiwan as a folklore medicine since ancient tomes for its "miraculous effects". It's also a parasitic mushroom that uses camphor trees as its host. The trees have become national treasures in recent years prohibiting its logging. Thus A.Camphorata has become a very variable mushroom used to promote health and research.

We use Shohsi mycelium developed by Taiwan's excellent biotechnology. Its properties are used for the liver (detoxification), antitumor activity, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive and immuno-stimulant.

Try TohchuShohshi to enhance the functions of the liver and kidney that eliminate toxic substances accumulated from food additives and environmental hormones.